Monday, March 30, 2009

It's all about the Lincoln's, Baby!

At first blush, it seem that Lincoln got the short end of the stick with the penny appoinment. (I once had a friend that threw out a penny when he received it as change. And isn't there a commercial with TD bank and complaining Lincoln?)

A recent money saving suggestion from Self Magazine, may bring Lincoln, and the $5 bill his face graces, back onto your priority list. Self Magazine suggests saving every five dollar bill you acquire, whether it be at the grocery store or the nail salon. The Rule: Everytime you receive a $5 bill it must be set aside as savings. Of course, it seems like a nifty smaller bill for trivial purchases, but follow 'The Rule' and watch your savings grow. I'm giving it a whirl in the name of some gucci flats, I mean my ING account.

The Daily Wag

The blogging scene is so hot and heavy that even Martha's Chinese Bulldogs, Francesca and Sharky, have their own blog. Apparently, the two bug-eyed pups blog about their experiences as Martha's canine offspring. Martha Stewart even gave a shout out to Snoop Dog about the dog's recent accomplishment via Twitter. Snoop isn't the only one Martha keeps tabs on via Twitter. After reading the NYTimes article and browsing The Daily Wag, I'm left wondering why Martha thought Snoop Dog would be interested. Maybe it had something to do with his name?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am always intrigued and somewhat obsessed with the women behind the president. Whatever your politics are, I think it is an amazingly difficult and thankless position which is amazingly undertaken with elegance and sometimes, an enviable sense of attitude. I did not partake in Obamarama, but I am fully pining over his other (arguably, better) half. A recent New York Times article documenting a candid discussion with the first lady that is truly inspiring on a very real level. Although, I'm sure Ms. Obama is passionate about many serious and world-wide issues, it is quite refreshing to read about her real concerns - weight, fashion, her husband's commenting on her wardrobe. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning Can Be Very Green

This fall when I moved into my two closet, I mean one bedroom apartment, I brought with me my furniture, all my favorite framed photos, Ari, and 10 summer camp worthy duffle bags of clothing, shoes, and accessories. I crammed my accumulated threads into closets, hat boxes, drawers, and chests alike. But, the reality of my clothing extravaganza hit hard when Dave declared there was no room in my overstuffed coat closet for him to hang a single coat. Ouch. This would be the perfect opportunity to insert some reflective Sex and the City phrase about how I need to make room for him in my life. That's bs. Carrie would have kicked Aiden to the curb if he asked her to purge her closet instead of kicking the cancerstick habit.

So, I started to purge. First I was discretionary and then it became like an addiction. Oodles of those nifty ikea blue bags littered my bedroom filled with discarded clothing that never really got the attention it deserved. It was far too much to list on ebay. So, I set out for Greene Street Consignment. I threw down 80 items of clothing, walked out feeling a little lighter and can't wait to get the check in the mail - can you say cole haan bag...I mean savings account!

Anyways, if you face a similar overcrowding situation purge like there's no tomorrow.

Here are the golden rules:
If it doesn't fit - kick it.
If you haven't worn it in a year and it's not a special item - give it up.
If it's a faddy item that you dont' see coming back - toodles.
If you've never worn it, but bought it over a season ago - peace.

If you are unfamiliar with consignment here's how it works: You hand over you unwanted, but gently worn clothing. They weed through the first cut to produce a consignment worthy second cut which gets put on the racks. What doesn't make the cut is donated to charities. In about 60 days you will get a check for your sales less their consignement fee (typically 40%).

If you don't need the money bring your clothing to a local thirft store that supports a charity that shares common interests. I've always thought Dress for Success, a Philadelphia organization that supports underprivilegd women seeking employment with the proper digs to do so, is a great cause!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Introducing my Green Thumb!

After a recent trip to Aruba and a fantastic Cuban restaurant, my love for mojitos is renewed just in time for the summer.  Over plantain chips Dave and I discussed my already ordained Summer 2009 drink.  But, fresh mint always on hand - way expensive.  Which got me thinking, why not grow a little herb garden.  If one were to buy fresh herbs every week for cooking you could end up spending about $125 dollars a year. An herb garden is only as much as you want it to be.  

So, I set out to foster a little garden of go-to herbs.  Unfortunately, the inspiration herb - mint - will not be in for another two weeks, but I did plant rosemary, basil and parsley.  It was surprising easily.  I felt so economical and resourceful.  Not to mention, if the plants sprout and produce herbs it was $20 well spent.  

A few tips:
Ikea has pots for approximately $3 each.  I preferred the white variation with alternating patterns.  Using separate containers allows you to move them around on a whim and allows each plant to retain it's own flavor.  Mint flavored basil?  Not so much.  

To create plant markers, I took a toothpick and sandwiched said toothpick with a scrap-booking letter and a piece of paper.  It looks creative and was absolutely free.  

Place gravel or rocks at the bottom of the pot for proper draining in order to prevent root rot.  (Gross!)

Lastly, grope the soil daily to determine if it needs watering.  If the soil feels dry to the touch offer your new amigo a swig from your glass of water.