Friday, June 19, 2009

Ari loves her rope toys. I love that they are safer and often cheaper than their rubbery counterparts. So, you can imagine my fur-child obsessed delight when I discovered Harry Barker (cute name, huh). The balls and rings (and bones, oh my) seem more durable than the typical braided model and come in fabulous colors and sizes. At $4-6 dollars a piece they are a not-guilty splurge and might even be a cute gift when visiting a friend with a fur child of her own.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rocky Cures Cancer

I guess you could consider Rocky as Philadelphia as the cheese steak or the Liberty Bell. As a Philadelphia native on the silver screen and forever memorialized in a bronze statute northeast of the Art Museum, Rocky Balboa was, and still is, and inspirational character.   

However, so is Dottie Copeland.  On NPR’s Storycorp, Dottie tells of her fight against Cancer and how she attacked an intimidating disease with Rocky Balboa vigor.  By playing the Rocky theme song 24 hours a day she trained mentally and physically to battle her ultimate opponent.  Reflecting on her fight with cancer and nine years of remission she declared, "I beat cancer for nine years. Will it come back tomorrow? It sure might. I've got to live my life as if it could end tomorrow — but everybody should live their life that way." 

During the piece her daughter asked her how she wanted to be remembered, and she responded, “A woman that had a fighting spirit that raised three wonderful human beings. And I want them to remember that when I do pass on, they can say, 'She was one hell of a woman, and she had one great ride!'" 

The next time I pass the Rocky Statue northeast to those famous Art Museum Steps, I’m sure I’ll hear Eye of the Tiger and think not of Rocky, but of Dottie Copeland. 

Friday, June 12, 2009

Philadelphia Cans Plastic

Only June 11, 2009, the Committee unanimously approved legislation banning plastic bags from use in the city.  As a result, it is likely Philadelphia will follow the trend spearheaded by San Francisco and Beijing and ban toxic plastic bags from being used by city vendors.  If the full council accepts the ban, as anticipated, before the summer recess commences, all merchants within the city must transition from using plastic bags to furnishing recyclable paper bags, compostable plastic bags, or reusable bags by July 1, 2011.  

Although I thought this was a significant and worthwhile move on the part of city government, I was shocked when I saw a large number of dissenters assert they would no longer be picking up their dogs waste in response to the ban.  While I’m optimistic about the environmental strides the city will continue to make, it’s disappointing a few Philadelphians balk at a positive move while declaring their own laziness conjoined with obvious disregard for environmental issues.  Luckily, these dissenters have plenty of time to stock up on their beloved plastic bags.  Or, maybe, they would like to join the rest of the responsible dog owning community and purchase doggie poop bags, preferably biodegradable.  Your children, and puppies, will thank you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brown Betty's Cupcakes

Once I found Brown Betty’s I knew I was ruined. From the elegant red velvet with vanilla icing to the smooth coconut better cream, my eyes devoured each petite confection so obviously Dave suggested I get two. (He’s good like that.) The magnificent confections recommended by a fellow cupcake lover certainly did not disappoint, nor last the afternoon. Although a nibble of Brown Betty’s cupcakes could lure anyone across town to Northern Liberties, the original location has recently been supplemented, for Rhittenhouse folk, with Brown Betty Petite at 269 South 20th Street. While the primary location serves cakes and caters special occasions, including weddings, Brown Betty Petite offers cupcakes in a welcomed rotation of flavors. You’re never too old for a cupcake.  

Brown Betty Dessert Boutique
100 N. 2nd Street
Mon: Closed
Tue thru Sat: 12-7
Sun: 11-4

Brown Betty Petite
269 South 20th Street
Mon: Closed
Tue-Sat: 12-7
Sun: Closed 

Criminally Caffeinated

If you asked most I’m sure they would see my coffee consumption as a crime of sorts, which makes Mugshots a perfect accomplice.  Not only does the café have a fantastic ambience (winning AOL’s City’s Best Coffee Shop), amazing food (City Paper’s #3 burrito), and great coffee, but like a super model tree-hugger, it has much more than first suspected.  The fair trade café uses wind power, biodegradable materials, and even composts accumulated waste.  The locally sourced menu of soups, salads, and sandwiches is a great asset to a rushed morning, even if it requires a bit of a splurge. 

If you prefer to eat at home, the local food buying club run from the Manayunk location, brings community supported agriculture to the area without the commitment or expense of CSA shares.  

2100 Fairmount Ave 
M – Sa 6.30 am until 10 pm, Sun 7 am until 10 pm 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prom Season

It's prom season (again) which means Seventeen Prom graces checkout lines in every supermarket, hair dressers are briefed on the latest up do...and on the main line, well-off teens swarm area boutiques to find the perfect prom dress.  But, what about other teens that can't afford the Nicole Miller gowns that were popular back in my day.  Grant an underprivileged teen's wish by donating your no-longer-needed special occasion gowns and coordinating accessories to Princess Project.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring time in the City

As the weather warms, I'd rather gather for an outdoor happy hour then prepare for a long night in a dark bar.  So, last friday when happy hour crept upon the last work day of the week, I met Kelly and Chalmers at Tria.  Slightly removed from the square, the food is delicious, somewhat unexpected, convincingly healthy, and perfectly priced.  The wine is, of course, a little pricer (chards starting at $7/glass), but well worth it.  If I may, I recommend the fig starter plate and the asparagus salad.  Also, of note, they have an excellent beer list for a more hearty dish or the man in your life.  

If you can't break away from your cubicle in time for happy hour, try a wine class or "sunday school (wine at 50% off the regular price)."  View your options at Tria-Events.

Just lovely.  

18th and Sansom Street
(and! there's also one in Washington Square - who knew!)