Friday, June 12, 2009

Philadelphia Cans Plastic

Only June 11, 2009, the Committee unanimously approved legislation banning plastic bags from use in the city.  As a result, it is likely Philadelphia will follow the trend spearheaded by San Francisco and Beijing and ban toxic plastic bags from being used by city vendors.  If the full council accepts the ban, as anticipated, before the summer recess commences, all merchants within the city must transition from using plastic bags to furnishing recyclable paper bags, compostable plastic bags, or reusable bags by July 1, 2011.  

Although I thought this was a significant and worthwhile move on the part of city government, I was shocked when I saw a large number of dissenters assert they would no longer be picking up their dogs waste in response to the ban.  While I’m optimistic about the environmental strides the city will continue to make, it’s disappointing a few Philadelphians balk at a positive move while declaring their own laziness conjoined with obvious disregard for environmental issues.  Luckily, these dissenters have plenty of time to stock up on their beloved plastic bags.  Or, maybe, they would like to join the rest of the responsible dog owning community and purchase doggie poop bags, preferably biodegradable.  Your children, and puppies, will thank you.

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