Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring time in the City

As the weather warms, I'd rather gather for an outdoor happy hour then prepare for a long night in a dark bar.  So, last friday when happy hour crept upon the last work day of the week, I met Kelly and Chalmers at Tria.  Slightly removed from the square, the food is delicious, somewhat unexpected, convincingly healthy, and perfectly priced.  The wine is, of course, a little pricer (chards starting at $7/glass), but well worth it.  If I may, I recommend the fig starter plate and the asparagus salad.  Also, of note, they have an excellent beer list for a more hearty dish or the man in your life.  

If you can't break away from your cubicle in time for happy hour, try a wine class or "sunday school (wine at 50% off the regular price)."  View your options at Tria-Events.

Just lovely.  

18th and Sansom Street
(and! there's also one in Washington Square - who knew!)

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